Wednesday, 31 March 2010

The Hankie Project : Julie Barratt

"This project was borne out of the recent sudden death of my father, a handkerchief, some emotive words written by a sibling on his death and the traumatic aftermath of a death processed according to particular societal and cultural mores. Interested artists and Individuals are invited to create an artwork on a handkerchief (any handkerchief not necessarily a man's) based around death/grief/bereavement and return it to me by end of April, 2010 for inclusion in a collaborative exhibition." Julie Barratt

'Omnia Mors Aequat: Death Renders All Equal; levels all distinctions; distractions; pain.
(Helen Allsebrook, Daughter of David, 2010)'
Handkerchief and screen print, 2010

 A project organised by Julie Barratt


  1. Helen - I had not realized that you had a blog and it’s been good to read through and look at the exhibitions/ collaborations/ projects. !!

    I thought you were on Facebook actually and googled you BUT maybe you are not on there?

    Anyways please can we see some documentation re the Postal Art Project?
    I don’t even have a scan of my own contribution. That’s unusual for me - - but I didn’t want to miss the deadline of posting it on to the next person. So please.............

    Ps even if you cannot immediately get around to posing all of the images and documentation of the works in situ (at exhibit. space)
    Then I would very much appreciate a scan of my image. I think I know which one it is.

    Best wishes


  2. Hi Aine, this was the site I quickly put together for it. Hopefully yours can be seen on there?