Thursday, 27 January 2011

Surplus the Requirements - Manchester Metropolitan University

This is a collage created from an unwanted book named, The Exercise Diet, 1985. This will be included in the book Surplus to Requirement and will be published by Righton Press in 2010.
Information on the soon to be published book by Righton Press: This is one page from a book which is a collaboration between groups of artists at Manchester Metropolitan University (Made Collective) and the University of the West of England, Bristol, working from research gathered around an overarching theme of 'Surplus to Requirements'.

The artists have produced a creative response to two diverse collections in their respective cities, surplus books from the closing Bookbarn in Bristol and the Herbarium at Manchester Museum.

"Books like these should be treasured representations of society and not demoted into the unwanted pile. This work aims to be an amusing yet important representation of the wrong and politically incorrect writing from only 25 years ago." Helen Allsebrook, August 2010 

MMU (Made Collective): Lucy May Schofield, Nick Fleming, Liz Machin, Tony Eve, Joan Beadle, Hilary Judd, Sylvia Waltering, Jacqueline Butler; UWE: Sarah Bodman, Paul Laidler, Guy Begbie, Andrew Eason, Tom Sowden, Helen Allsebrook, Teri Makassih, Angie Butler, Natalie McGrorty

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